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Where to Ride

I've gathered an assortment of links that you might find useful when planning your biking trip.


For a great resource if your thinking of doing the Cabot Trail head to the Cabot Trail Biker site as they have wealth of resources. They also have the Official Cabot Trail Motorcycle T-Shirt. If you run the Cabot you gotta have the T-Shirt.



we are in
Nova Scotia

Listed on ridetheworld.com - the motorcyclists resource for hire, rental and touring  


Nova Scotia Bikers.com has a bunch of information about Nova Scotia events etc. Janice is always willing to help you out.


Nova Scotia.com- Nova Scotia's official travel Web Site. Here you can find Nova Scotia publications covering festivals and events of every kind.


Ridetheworld.com gives you names of companies in all of the different provinces in Canada.


Canadian Motorcycle Rider is Canada's authority on motorcycle news and reviews. Take a look and see what's going on in Canada.